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Monolith Electronic Company Limited is rebranded to CONTROL HARDWARE LIMITED and is trading as CONTROL HARDWARE NZ.
"MEC Monolith Electronic Company Pty Ltd" and "REDBOX" are registered Trademarks in Australia and New Zealand.

CONTROL HARDWARE NZ (MONOLITH ELECTRONIC COMPANY) is named as ISP in this subject or some sections of the subject and reserves all rights to make changes to this service and terms and conditions at any time without any notice. Firmware is named as a software in this document. If you accept this Agreement without reading through all of it, you will still be bound by it in its entirety. Domain name LinuxBuilders.Net is owned by CONTROL HARDWARE NZ, some services in use by ISP may be served under this name..

ISP will not sell, share, or give away your personal or financial information to any third parties. ISP will not divulge your personal or financial information to any law enforcement authorities or legal agents without a proper court order, subpoena or warrant (we need to keep the information in case of Police investigations or other Governmental orders)

Warranty conditions: (all warranty claims are subject to current laws enforced in country or state where the equipment/service is manufactured or sold)

Effective from 01.11.2010:

Hardware section:
When you place an order at this site or using any other way within CONTROL HARDWARE NZ it indicates your acceptance of the terms listed below.
1. Payment
Payment can be made by PayPal only. We use PayPal exclusively and there is no other way to purchase our products online. PayPal is secure way of doing online purchases and it is safer than any other pay method currently available on the market. If you do not have an account with PayPal you can open it for free with All payments are to be made in advance, no goods will be dispatched unless other arrangements have been agreed.
Imported goods are subject to currency fluctuations, and shipping delays. As a result, Item availability and prices are subject to change at any time.
All prices are subject to GS/VAT/TAX.
All prices are subject to change without notice. Please confirm prices before order. We will do our best to advertise any change.
2. Shipping charge and deliver time
Custom made or out of stock items may be a subject of shipping delay or extra charge related to factors out of our control. ISP is not responsible for those delays and factors as long as it is not in ISP's control. All transportation charges, are to be paid by the customer, unless agreed otherwise, in writing, on the initial order.
3. Warranty and service
ISP is responsible and reliable manufacturer as well as supplier of goods and services. We believe that our products meet the demanding standards required by the market. By a standard we provide 12 months back to base warranty as long as you do not purchase additional warranty packages.

This warranty supersedes all other warranty agreements of any earlier date.
1. Purchaser's rights and remedies, which the owner has under the Trade Practices Act and other State consumer laws, are additional to Monolith Electronic Company Warranty Agreements.
2. Warranty is a subject to the terms and conditions, ISP warrants that it will repair or replace supplied product if it is defective or faulty as result of workmanship or materials. ISP will replace defective equipment or service free of charge. There is no warranty for included batteries.
3. Conditions:
In respect to ISP products described herein which are distributed by ISP or from an authorized dealer; and
If the said ISPs products have been installed and used in accordance with the instructions displayed on the unit or in the relevant instruction manual; and
When proof of purchase in the form of a receipt from an authorised dealer is presented when requesting ISPs warranty service; and
Is void where service is undertaken by an unauthorized service centre or any tampering of any nature in respect of ISPs products by unauthorized persons.
4. Service:
Contact your dealer for details of authorized ISPs service centres.
All goods and services questioned under warranty service needs to be delivered to service centre, if there is required remote site visit there maybe enforced service fee.
5. Registration:
Owners of ISPs products should always present prove of purchase of the products so warranty claim can be registered. The product is not going to be taken into warranty service without above.
6. Variations: No employees or servants of an authorized service center of ISP have authority to add to or alter any terms of this warranty. The above warranty conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
7. Exclusions:
This ISP warranty does not apply to:
i) Damage caused by accident, misuse or negligence, including leaking batteries, foreign objects or substances not normally associated with the product; damage caused by scratching, chipping, staining, rust, corrosion, moisture, steam or heat from appliances; damage caused by unusual or non-traditional use, positioning or location of product.
ii) Products repaired or tampered with by anyone other than IPS or its authorised service centre;
iii) Any faults relating to or arising from any defect in the product which was known to you (or end user) at the time of purchase including any pre-existing conditions;
iv) Products where the serial number is removed or defaced;
v) Insurance of any product in transit or when in the possession of ISP or any other party; and
vi) Any circumstances which constitute an "Act of God" (e.g., earthquakes, typhoons, flash floods, etc.) or which would normally be covered by normal household insurance; and
c) In the event that the owner is not in attendance at the address notified to IPS or its authorised service center during normal business hours and an appointment has been made with the owner for provision of service, additional charges may be made at the prevailing rates for each service call made or attempted.
d) Warranty does not apply in any other circumstance but mechanical failure of the product within 12 month from the purchase date excluding any of above sub sections from section 7. Exclusions.

Software section:
Software or firmware is not covered by any warranty means and is provided where is and as is.
To use our servers you will need to provide an official confirmation of your ID in some form (like credit card or bank account details, copy of driver licence, company registration certificate, etc.)
ISP will confirm provided data before any service will be given to you. The service agreement between ISP and the personal or corporate account holder is as follows:
1. Mission:
ISP will provide the account holder with storage space on the ISPs server for the purpose of hosting a World Wide Web site (WEB SITE), in accordance with one of available options in current offer.
2. Privacy Policy:
- as above
3. Limitations:
Any content on your Web site that is prohibited by International laws, or considered by ISP to be offensive, disruptive, obscene, inappropriate or an administrative burden, may be removed or deleted without any compensation to you;
You agree not to take part in any activities that may overwhelm ISP servers with heavy usage, or that require the use of a disproportionate amount of resources of its servers, including but not limited to, highly active CGI/PHP or other scripts; if you exceed the bandwidth limit for the service subscribed to , you must either upgrade your current account to a service that accommodates such usage, purchase additional bandwidth, or reduce bandwidth usage. Failure to comply will result in termination of your account without any compensation to you. ISP is not responsible by any damage, error or failure within or of software or as an result of software malfunction.
4. User liability:
You are liable for all of the content located on your site, including the legality and preservation (i.e. making back-ups) of all the stored material.
IPS is not taking any legal responsibility for data you store and use on our servers. If the data is copyright portected or you are not eligible owner of the data you may be a asked to take legal responisibility for hosting it out.
5. Amendments:
You agree to abide to any changes made to this Agreement, as will happen from time to time. These will always be posted for you to view at ISPs websites.
6. E-mail:
You agree not to send any e-mail that is obscene or prohibited under the International laws, or otherwise considered by ISP, in its sole discretion, to be offensive, disruptive, obscene or inappropriate;
You will not exceed the allowable storage capacity of your e-mail account. If you exceed your storage capacity, you must either upgrade your account to a service that accommodates such usage, purchase additional storage space, or discard some of the excess;
You will not send spam mail (i.e. unsolicited e-mail);
You will at all times be liable for the safeguarding of your password and account information; and if you breach any term of this Agreement, ISP reserves the right to delete your mailbox without any compensation to you.
7. User obligation:
You will at all times keep ISP apprised of your current contact and billing information.
(if applicable)
8. Web site suspension/termination:
If litigation or a similar adjudicative proceeding is commenced against you in respect of your site, and upon receipt by ISP of a Court-issued copy of such proceeding, your WEB SITE will be temporarily deactivated. The deactivation period will last until you have filed an appropriate Defence in respect of such proceeding, and provided ISP with Court-issued proof that grants your WEB SITE judicial approval. If you fail to defend any such proceeding, your WEB SITE will remain deactivated, without any compensation to you.
9. Domain name registration:
All domain names registered through ISP by you are governed by the terms located here.
We provide second level domain names.
10. Refund Policy (where applicable):
The thirty-day (not applicable at the moment) Web hosting refund policy of ISP is subject to the terms located here.
11. No Representations or Warranties:
Services are provided as is, without any representations or warranties of any kind, be they expressed or implied.
12. Limitation of Liability:
ISP is not responsible for any failures, delays, interruptions in the delivery of any content or services contained on the ISP servers, losses or damages arising from the use of the content or services provided by ISP or third parties in connection with ISP. ISP is not responsible for any financial losses associated to your WEB SITE. (that is why you need to keep backup of your entire WEB SITE - We will try to do our best to help if problems of this nature occur).
13. Indemnity:
You agree to indemnify and hold ISP harmless from and against, and to reimburse ISP with respect to, any and all losses of every nature whatsoever incurred by ISP arising out of: Any breach of this Agreement by you; Any infringement of any copyright, trade-mark, patent, trade secret or any other intellectual property right of any person by content on the WEB SITE; or Illegal, libellous, or defamatory content on the WEB SITE.
14. Termination:
Both you and ISP have the option to terminate this Agreement at any time, upon providing five-business days prior notice. ISP may terminate this Agreement at any time without notice or compensation to you if you violate any term of this Agreement, engage in illegal conduct, post illegal material, overwhelm ISP servers or central processing units (CPUs), or engage in any conduct ISP deems in its sole discretion to be disruptive or harmful.
15. Assignability:
This Agreement is assignable to a third party by ISP upon notice to you. Such notice will be published on the ISP web sites.
16. Renewal:
Upon expiration, this Agreement will renew automatically for a duration equal to that previously agreed to, unless you advise ISP otherwise prior to said expiration. Renewal fees (if apply) must be received by ISP within 10 (ten) days of said expiration, failing which your WEB SITE and e-mail account(s) will be placed on accounting hold. If the renewal fees are not received within 40 (forty) days of expiration, all WEB SITE and e-mail content will be deleted and removed from ISP servers without any compensation or notice to you. ISP reserves the right to not automatically renew any service plan.
17. General:
This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with all applicable International laws;
The excusing of any provision in this contract does not excuse any other or subsequent provision in this contract;
Any invalid, illegal or inoperative clause of this Agreement will not affect the valid reading and application of all other clauses of this Agreement;
This Agreement, together with the policies prescribed at ISP web sites constitutes the entire Agreement between you and ISP;
Any term or condition of this Agreement, which by its nature extends beyond the term or expiry of this Agreement, survives the termination or expiry of this Agreement;
This Agreement is executed in electronic and paper counterparts, each of which is an original, and all of which together are one and the same instrument;
ISP maintains the right to refuse service if it considers it would be disruptive to its business to provide such service;
Any failure by ISP in satisfying any provision of this Agreement will be excused if that failure is brought about by any act of God, war, disaster, disease, criminal act, attack, power loss, weather, invasion or incapacity; and all remedies available to ISP under this Agreement survive termination of this Agreement without limitation.
Free Web Hosting and Email:
To use our servers you need to provide an official confirmation of your ID: copy of the Driver Licence and Power Bill or any other official document with your name and address. ISP will confirm provided data before any service will be given to you. Free of charge account based on this details may be open. (free service is available for PRIVATE USERS and NON PROFIT ORGANISATIONS by ISP approval only)
Additional conditions may apply.
18. Fair Use
You agree not to use our systems and servers for:
Mass whois queries (for the purposes of marketing activities otherwise)
Actions that harm, defame, abuse, harass or threaten third parties
Actions prohibited by the local laws of the countries in which you operate
If found to be in breach of this clause, we may terminate service without any warning.
If a third party alleges a breach of this clause, we may terminate service without warning.