Who We Are And What We Do


CONTROL HARDWARE NZ is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Core of the business is in IT and electronics plus related services. We design and manufacture electronic equipment on order as well as provide specialised IT services related to REDBOX platform. In 2012 we have moved our Melbourne branch to Auckland.

In addition to electronic prototyping we provide range of services in computer network security with primary focus on firewalling and data leakage prevention. We are registered Microsoft Partner and resell Microsoft products including cloud based solutions. We support Microsoft products and Linux solutions.

Our products are used by NZ POLICE, AUT, BAYER, GNS, SGS, various laboratories, schools and collages around the country, many other commercial and industrial institutions and organisations.



Initailly was formed in Australia Canberra in 2009 and was trading as TAP SYSTEMS. In 2010 the company was reformed under Monolith Electronic Company in Melbourne. In 2011 New Zealand branch was opened in Auckland and in 2012 we have moved the company to New Zealand. The company has changed its name to CONTROL HARDWARE NZ in October 2014.

Our original idea was to run production of small intelligent power supplies with possibility to control it over a bus. As development was progressing the idea matured and eventually we have created large control system. It was capable of running over 4000 inputs and outputs with power of 5A for each board. The system was never introduced to the public. Currently the company is manufacturing specialised equipment on order.