REDBOX (03.09.15)

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REDBOX platform is released. We have supplied first order to retrofit old equipment in AUT.

Two years of design and testing has paid off!

The new platform is outstanding quality and stability.

The system is to be used as a construction blocks for large automation systems as well as for individual devices.

Each unit is fully protected against all sorts of environmental challenges.
Each circuit is protected against short circuits, BEMF, high voltage and other unwanted signals.

Small RF footprint makes it ideal for RF sensitive installations.


REDBOX is a code name for universal automation controller. The product is designed in a way allowing for easy and flexible porting to custom requirements.

Early prototypes were equipped with extension bus allowing for attaching extension cards. Each card is changing the product functionality.

Production units are equipped with extension card permanently installed as per custom order.


The design allows for capacity of 1024 C class relays and 1024 IO points, 384 5V/10V Analogue Inputs per REDBOX bus and many other features.

Previous models code-named UNIMOD are successfully running around the country in more than 50 locations.

Main product use is in Laboratory Equipment retrofitting as well as new installations.
Majority of the product is running Fume Extraction Cabinets and Emergency Shutdown Equipment.

Modbus TCP capable.

2. Example of the equipment prepared for retrofitting with UNIMOD Controller.

3. Example of the equipment retrofitted with REDBOX platform.

4. Original controller to be replaced with UNIMOD Controller.

5. UNIMOD Controller.



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