• About us

    CONTROL HARDWARE NZ "THE HOUSE OF REDBOX" is specialising in high end electronic equipment prototyping. Main company focus is on design and manufacturing of electronics unavailable elsewhere. We produce state of art devices used in production of heavy machinery and building services as well as retrofitting and rebuilding of existing equipment. In addition we supply modules which can be used by public to create own products.


    Network Security - we supply and maintain custom build firewalls and security servers for REDBOX network safety monitoring, data leakage prevention and REDBOX network safety management.

    Electronics - majority of our work is in prototyping sector, firmware and software development. Specialised equipment design and production.


    Control Hardware NZ is actively developing new solutions and technologies. Main focus of research and developement is in automation sector.

    Important News


    REDBOX platform is released.

    Company name change!

    Monolith Electronic Company Limited has rebranded to CONTROL HARDWARE LIMITED. Updates coming soon!

    UNIMOD in use since 2012

    First UNIMOD unit was installed in DEC 2012

    System is deployed in over 50 locations now!
    UNIMOD 2.0.0 design is in process!

    First prototype is expected to be released before March 2013

    Second generation of Unimod is out

    Second generation prototype of name coded "UNIMOD" controller is out. Multifunction device is used as development base for other projects.